State of the Tech Union DemDash

DemDash is a new website that will provide citizens better control over their civic engagement and campaigns more meaningful ways to reach voters. Nerd Stalker interviews Founder, Jenifer Ancona.
The value of DemDash for end-users is (we think) pretty clear. If you're an activist, DemDash is a force multiplier: it's the easiest, clearest and fastest way to let your social network know about the candidates and propositions you believe in. And for ordinary voters, it's a way to find out what's going to be on the ballot, who represents you currently and to connect with groups and friends who you trust. But these new changes are a big improvement for making DemDash valuable for campaigns, too.

There are lots of reasons we think campaigns will want to put a link to their DemDash profiles on their sites and include it in their email blasts. Mainly it comes down to one simple thing. DemDash is a tool that empowers campaign supporters to generate not just impressions, but the highest-quality, most effective impressions can get: those based on social ties.


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