retailigence - location based shopping startup


Retailigence is a venture-backed company that powers location-based shopping. We supply mobile apps and websites with retailers' product-specific information by location.

Retailigence ensures your retail store is visible when consumers are searching.

Our partner retailers reach nearby shoppers when their intent to purchase is greatest.


there was a customer nearby and looking for something you sold, wouldn't you want to find a way to let them know you have it available now?

Ecommerce centralized the store so everyone can have access to your products - but what if someone wanted to purchase them today? How do you localize your presence?

By opening product availability, you complement ecommerce efforts with the power of here and now. And shoppers who walk into your stores are more likely to purchase additional products and increase your average order size! 


By sharing your information with Retailigence, you can reach new and potentially loyal shoppers beyond your own walled-garden of branded websites and apps.

Our mission is to help you reach new customers who may not have thought of your store initially. And once they're there, you know they'll find other products they need as well!

Developers can easily reach our growing list of retailers (all sizes and places) through our free and open API."


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