UX Week 2011 Videos Now Available

"Seven weeks ago, an amazing group of about 500 creative individuals from around the world were all wrapped up in the warm n' fuzzy blanket of community and inspiration at UX Week 2011. UX Week is our biggest conference of the year and offers the opportunity to meet with friends (old and new), dig in deep with hands-on workshops and swap stories from the front lines of user experience. And, of course, hear from some great speakers on the main stage. This year's main stage sessions were a fantastic mix of real-world design successes (and failures), learning lessons from established brands and emerging startups, interesting perspectives on technology, culture and human behavior and inspiring stories from within and outside of the field of experience design. Oh yeah, and a pretty awesome mash-up of Led Zeppelin's Good Times Bad Times thanks to DJ Spooky. We're happy to share these videos with you and hope you find the talks engaging, informative and inspiring. We sincerely hope can join us next year as we celebrate UX Week's 10-Year Anniversary. Best believe it's going to rock!" - Jamieson Chandler


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