Web TV, Louis CK, Iran Hacks Drone, Zynga IPO let down, studio pirates

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  • Recap my panel talk on the Future of Online Video with Hermione Way (The Next Web), Carlos Rodela (Host), Tara Long (The Destructoid Show, Revision 3), Murray Newlands (Host), and John Davison (Gamespot.com ).
  • Some Thoughts On The Louis CK "Experiment" bit.ly/s42dTo
  • Did Iran Hack U.S. Drone? GPS weak link? bit.ly/u2VQQI
  • Wall Street isn’t jumping into Zynga’s stock game http://bit.ly/rMk3vT
  • Sony, NBC Universal and Fox employees caught illegally using BitTorrent http://bit.ly/s89Ddp
  • How Disney's Club Penguin Became the Biggest Social Network for Kids via @D_RockingChair http://bit.ly/sVe2N2
  • Should Computer Science Be a K-12 Requirement? http://http://is.gd/2G0Mf9
  • Startup incubator takes to the seas with wild idea to house foreign entrepreneurs @geekwire bit.ly/sZop2g
  • Greg’s tips - Is That Amazon Price A Good Deal? @geekmom http://bit.ly/u2SDvA
  • Adolfo’s tips - Google launches Android Training for aspiring developers http://bit.ly/u3BeqY and A:Ho-ho-hold the phone: Santa’s on the line http://bit.ly/tvqcEu
  • Holiday Holidays from Nerd Stalker
Episode 20


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