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Adolfo Foronda (@nerdstalker) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) Weekly Picks for the Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast:

Google Moves Into Traditional TV, Files For Cable Franchise

FeliCa Networks signs deal with Samsung for Japan's move to NFC

White House unveils ‘bill of rights’ to protect online privacy

G: Social Greg’s Drippler Tip of the Week:
Contest: iFixYouri will fix your iOS device for free

SF New Tech March 7th

AngelHack March 3,4&5

Business Dojo - GlobalBridgeHR and btrax brings a Japanese event to Citizen Space -

May 10 2012 Taste of Potrero benefit for public school.


Benson Wong said…
Hi Greg & Adolfo,

I enjoyed this podcast. Very informative.

Ben :)

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