Air Car, Android Ups and Downs, Facebook Paypal Ouch

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Exactly How Screwed Is PayPal? (Hint: Very) via @PandoDaily (:35)
Android Fragmentation (4:38)
The Best Podcast Apps Apple Is Hiding From You (AAPL) via @SAI (8:17)
Airpod, the Car That Runs on Air (9:55)
Yahoo Conducting a Search for a COO as No. 2 to Mayer (link) (13:26)
From the Archives: Marissa Mayer's 9 Principles of Innovation via @SheridanTatsuno
Facebook stock tanks again as insiders rush to sell (16:18)

Speed Round:
Mixi Starts New Service For Sending Real Birthday Presents via @Asiajin (19:01) going out of business  (20:20)
Unlock A Smartphone Just By Looking At It via @PSFK (21:25)
Android is under attack (22:18)

10 Must-Download #STEM iPad Apps for Kids #tech via @smqueue@BurnsMcDonnell @ShellyKramer(@Your_Say) (24:23)
Page Eraser Hides Annoying Ads and Other Content on Any Web Page (25:28)


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