iBroadcastTV Brings Social to Video Streaming

Nerd Stalker interview with Sam Rahimi and Tammy Manor of Canadian startup iBroadcastTV(we broadcasted this interview live on iBroadcastTV). iBroadcastTV is a social broadcasting service that allows you to have your own personal TV channel as well as allow users to view others personal TV channels. Sam and Tammy tell our Greg Viloria aka @SocialGreg their path to entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and their vision for iBroadcastTV.

Greg asks Sam and Tammy - What the heck is iBroadcastTV? 

In this segment, we intro iBroadcastTV, Sam and Tammy.

Toronto eh? San Francisco Yay!

 In this segment, Sam and Tammy give their thoughts on funding for iBroadcastTV

"iBroadcastTV will be ______ in the future" says Sam and Tammy

In this segment, SocialGreg asks Sam and Tammy "iBroadcastTV will be ________ someday.

Have an indie band? Get your own channel, Get streaming, Get monetized...

 In this segment, Sam and Tammy give their thoughts on monetizing with iBroadcastTV

Final Thoughts with Sam and Tammy

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