Stalking Dreamforce 2014: Your Toilet Can Be A Gold Mine of Data

In our first year covering Dreamforce 2014, we stumbled upon a unique cloud service solution. At the NTT Group booth, we stalked an interesting IoT application - Intelligent toilets. Toto has conceptualized the intelligent toilet for years and now has partnered with NTT PC Communications to develop a pure secure cloud solution integrated with the Salesforce's service cloud. Egested gas is detected by a gas sensor and its data is sent to a middle-ware/IoT secured network called IP-WARP. This middle-ware in the secure IoT network can take the data, analyze the data and encrypts the data which can then be accessed by the user or by a cloud solution like Salesforce. 

Courtesy of NTT PC Communications

Toto has touted the intelligent toilet concept originally solution used local stored and processed data.  In addition to screening for cancers, the potential health screening can be measure sugar levels in urine, blood pressure, body fat and weight. This can also eliminate lab work in the future with the right monitoring and analysis when lab-on-a-chip becomes a reality. You can check this out in booth N1309 at Moscone Center.