Job Fair to Help Startup Diversity Coming to Berkeley

Local Wise Teams up with Berkeley to Address Diversity in Startups

Courtesy of Localwise

Diversity in the startup space is an interesting topic where commonly there is data from the EEOC and others but that is with huge organizations. Even amongst big organizations, the underrepresented has held rather steady over the last 10 years according to the EEOC data. It is difficult as a startup to focus on this as their priority is product development and organizational development takes a back seat. With startups, diversity data is difficult to be had - very small, distributed and portable teams. 500 Startups has even called  "Diversity Debt" akin to debt developed by engineering poor quality technology. The article claims that at employee #4 if you haven't thought about your diversity hiring strategy it will be almost difficult if not impossible to recover.  We interview, Ben Hamlin, co-founder of Localwise, who is co-hosting a job fair on January 28 specifically focusing on diversity in the startup workplace. Check it out!

Localwise Attacks the Root of the Problem: Jobs

Picture courtesy of Telegraph Academy


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