The Humpday Check This Out - Designers Take Artistic License on Celebs

The team at DesignCrowd Invited Their Community to Put Famous Stars in Masterpieces

Stars in Masterpieces (photos courtesy of DesignCrowd)
Happy Humpday Nerds. We just had to share this. The team at DesignCrowd shared the output of its community of designers to reimagine classic paintings with modern celebs in them for a bit of a laugh. Amazing what some cool Photoshop skills can do. Check it out!

Kim and Kanye doing "American Gothic"

By Grant Wood (photo courtesy of

Mick Jaeger as "Beethoven"

By Dm2 (photo courtesy of

Beyonce in "Portrait of a Young Woman"

By Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun (photo courtesy of

Angelina Jolie as "Lady Tufton" 

By Anthony Van Dyke (photo courtesy of

You can find all the submissions here.

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