ABLE is a multi-directional #fitness system designed for a total-body #workout

We interview Luke Brown, Founder of Fitness Hardware.
"ABLE is a multi-directional fitness system designed for a total-body workout. The highly engineered design combines a spinning grip for the hands with built-in foot cradles for use on the feet. Perfect for challenging pushup and body-weight chest fly movements as well as a number of shoulder, back, core and leg movements." - From the Fitness Hardware website.

Luke Brown is the founder of Fitness Hardware, and inventor of multi-directional fitness platform ABLE (with a planned April 18th launch date on Kickstarter).

Luke has launched several successful brands in real estate, media, and consumer goods. With one profitable exit of his own, he has over 18 years of experience in business strategy and bootstrapping
product launches and start- ups.

In this episode, Luke shares his valuable entrepreneur experience in bringing hardware from concept to reality.


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