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SF Music Tech Summit Announces a Hackathon to Kickoff SF Music Tech Summit

SF MusicTech Hackathon
Prior to this year's SF MusicTech Summit on October 17, the SF MusicTech summit just announced a hackathon to kickoff the SF MusicTech Summit on October 14th and 15th at Upload SF. Participants will join forces to address a focus area in MusicTech (Music, VR/AR/XR, Music AI, music blockchain and cryptocurrencies) with the aim of developing an overnight unicorn and compete for prizes under the supervision of experts. It will be like the "24 hours of LeMans" with non-stop action as hackers, innovators, tech-specialists, artists, makers and coders use and share their knowledge to develop the new, innovative solutions in the MusicTech industry.

The SF MusicTech Hackathon is being produced by Travis Laurendine of SXSW Hackathon / Outside Hacks, and Luann Williams of the SXSW Hackathon in partnership with International Music HackDay, the SF MusicTech Summit production team, and more! Finalists will be chosen to present onstage in a special session at the SF MusicTech Summit onTuesday, October 17 which brings together visionaries in the evolving music/business/technology ecosystem.

Cost: Free to register
October 14 + 15
1pm Saturday to 4pm Sunday
Challenges: Music, VR/AR/XR, Music AI, music blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Ryan Walsh, Floodgate
Lance Coleman, IV the Love
Tiff Zhong, Gen Z whisperer
Jess Erickson, Facebook
Anne Ward, UploadVR

Developer in Residence:
David Lowry, Hydric Media
How to Register:
Registration is free, but you must apply here to receive an invitation to participate. This is an exclusive event for developers only (no spectators) as we have limited space. 
API Partners / Sponsors: 
If you are interested in being an API Partner or sponsor, please contact: luann@sfmusictech.com


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