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Loom is starting 2018 off right by launching a major upgrade to Loom with 5 requested features tada

movie_camera  New Recording Experience
scissors️  Trimming
heart_eyes  Emoji Reactions
loudspeaker  Activity Notifications
mortar_board  Use Cases Page

Introducing Your New Recording Experience movie_camera 

Loom has simplified your recording experience so that you can always choose the best recording method for you. 

Mistakes Happen! But Now You Can Trim Them Out scissors

Recording the perfect video can sometimes feel near impossible, but have no fear... trimming is here! You can now remove snippets of your video to create the perfect clip.

React To Loom Videos (with Emojis joyheart_eyesopen_mouth

Sometimes no words are necessary, especially with emojis! Emoji reactions are the easiest way to give kudos to the video's creator. 

Activity Notifications loudspeaker 

Get instant notifications when someone watches, reacts, or leaves a comment on your video & receive weekly summaries on how much time you saved with the videos you created. Become faster than typing!

Uses Cases Page mortar_board

Curious about learning more ways to use Loom? Loom has created dozens of videos to walk you through the many ways Loom can be used for business, education and with your family & friends blush
These features available right now in your Loom account. 
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