This Agency Attracts Talent Virtually

Agency Attracts New Talent Through 3D Office Adventure

Digital agency, Ueno, has created an interactive, animated website that gives job candidates a feel for its quirky corporate culture. The Ueno 3D interview gives job seekers a playful glimpse into the company’s world as they explore it in the avatar of a hot dog. So far, the social media response has been overwhelming: In less than one week, the site has received more than 60,000 visits and Ueno has been flooded with applications.

During their adventure, guests meet employees, have conversations and, if they cut the mustard, proceed to the Careers page. “So, you want to work at Ueno? It’s not complicated,” one is told upon entering the site, which is a two-story, video-game-ready office complete with swimming pool, cheerful music and chirping birds. “Just walk the walk. Talk the talk. Jump through a few hoops. No big deal.”

After shooting the breeze with characters based on actual employees in Ueno’s Reykjavik, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles offices, serious applicants proceed to have a conversation with Founder/CEO Haraldur “Halli” Thorleifsson’s avatar, who directs them to the agency’s website to check out its current openings. There, Ueno’s values are organized under such headings as “Be raw,” “Bring the chocolate” and “Nothing is someone else’s problem.”

“As a fast growing agency we are always looking for people. But we want to make sure we find people that will like working with our somewhat unique culture. So we thought, what if we could give you a little glimpse into the madness that is Ueno? What if you could talk to a few of these silly people we’ve found already and see if they were the kind of people you’d want to spend your days with? And on top of that, what if you were a hotdog for some reason? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore. You can just hop on into the Ueno Interview and see for yourself.”

Ueno used WebGL—a JavaScript API that is typically used for map visualizations and charting data—to render interactive 2D and 3D graphics and create the experience. 

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