This is What a Cute Version of Alexa Would Look Like

Up Your Japanese Meal Game with LINE's Clova and transcosmos ltd's Hungry - Let's Have Dinner " service
LINE Clova with characters Sally and Brown - courtesy of transcosmos ltd. and LINE

The Japanese just have a knack of making something boring and mundane look "cute" or "Kawaii."  At the 2017 Mobile Congress, LINE, the company who has the most popular messaging app in Asia, released an AI assistant called "Clova Wave" to rival Google Home, Apple HomePod and Amazon's Alexa. At the end of the year they released the 2nd edition of Clova, Clova Friends, decked out in LINE's favorite characters - Brown and Sally. This month, LINE will release an extension kit to 3rd party companies, partners and developers to add more capabilities to AI Assistant "Clova."

transcosmos released an announcement on Friday that it was one of the one of the initial “Clova Extensions Kit” partners. transcosmos helps clients in making their services (data) compatible with “Clova” as well as deploying AI/bot-based chat services that support “Clova."

The initial service that transcosmos will release at the same time of LINE's Clova Extensions Kit is a dinner idea service for Clova called “Harapeco Bangohan! (“Hungry, let’s have dinner!”)." Just by saying “Clova, open “Harapeco Bangohan!” and “give me some menu ideas for tonight ”, the service comes up with dinner menu suggestions from as many as 145 main dishes and 55 side dishes. With this new hands-free service, users can get dinner menu ideas - which isn’t as easy as you think - whilst taking care of household chores and their kids, without the use of a smartphone, a must-have item before.

Unfortunately, we haven't heard of a US release but will update this once we find out. 

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