Gelly Break Now on Nintendo Switch

Gelly Breakthe colorful co-op Jump’n’Run from EuroVideo’s publishing label Wild Riverand Berlin-based developer ByteRockers‘ Games, bounces onto Nintendo Switch November 29, 2018.

Grab a friend, choose a color, and start jumping! Two players control either a green or orange gelly in this co-op couch platformer. Gellies can only interact with color-coded platforms that share their hue. Stick close to your friend, ride piggyback to cross chasms, shoot baddies from atop their blobby little shoulders, and be ready to switch roles on the go.

If you can’t sneak your friends away from their families to play with you over the holidays,Gelly Break has separate controls for solo play. Swap colors to avoid obstacles and use twin-stick shooting controls to take down bosses across six distinct levels.


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