“Amazing Gracie” Hopes To Show The Benefits Of Jiu-Jitsu To A Mainstream TV Audience

"Jiu-jitsu saves lives. Five years ago, we pitched a new reality show to a major TV network, they were so excited that they produced this pilot episode. Everyone at the network LOVED it until one person, who sat in a really big chair, had second thoughts and decided to pull the plug. If you enjoyed the pilot and you'd like to see 'Amazing Gracies' come to life, share this video! If it gets enough traction, we'll partner with a different network and make it a reality so that everyone can witness the life-changing benefits of jiu-jitsu! Still not convinced? Watch these... Austin McDaniel's Transformation: https://youtu.be/y8isR_Y-kfk Naomi's Transformation: https://youtu.be/JPA6nJEq6aQ If anyone watching this has a direct connection to a network executive at any TV network or at any of the leading streaming services (Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc), have them email us at info@gracieuniversity.com!" - Gracie JJ


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