The Excy (exercise cycle) is robust, portable and makes fitness accessible

What is Excy?
The Excy (exercise cycle) is a professional, robust, and portable pedal exercise machine that makes fitness accessible. And it’s made to last.

Who is it for?
Excy is for everyone else. It’s for those who might not readily fit into the “gym/workout/fitness” demographic. Excy is especially those who are:

• Injured people: Is your leg recovering? Work out your upper body.

• People who are disabled and/or other-abled: Excy is designed for working out arms, legs, (whatever limb or limbs you want to move).

• Ageing people and those concerned about a safer workout: Excy is easy to use and adjustable. Plus Excy comes with an app to help you focus on a workout that is your speed.

• People who are just too busy for the gym: Not everyone can drive to the gym multiple times per week. Excy lets you watch TV on the couch with your family and get that workout without going to the gym or sitting far away on an exercise machine.

How is Excy better than what’s out there?
1. It’s super portable: Humans evolved to be social, and outside, not in a basement or a gym. Excy folds up and goes with you. Use it at the park, outside, or even at work.

2. It’s well built: Excy lasts and holds up to a vigorous workout with daily intense use.

3. It works anywhere: If you’re recovering and bed-ridden, or watching TV, or hanging out at the park, use Excy wherever, whenever.

4. People of various abilities can use this: Excy is used in hospitals, and is perfect for both physical therapy or workouts.


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