Why Call Center Jobs Will Disappear

At a call center in the Dominican Republic, Laura Morales is designing chatbots to respond to customer service requests. A former call center agent herself, Morales has benefited from her new job that is better paid and higher skilled than what she used to do. But will these chatbots end up replacing the livelihoods of millions of agents around the world? This is an episode of Next Jobs, a mini-documentary series hosted by Bloomberg Technology's Aki Ito.


Emotional Diary said…

Emotional Diary
Teresa said…
Chatbots seem to replace the call centers but, in reality, it will be very tough. Call center Santo domingo provides many services at a time. It manages the client calmly. It provides the desired care in a respective tone that changes the customer's mood positively. On the contrary, chatbots can not be appropriate to manage the serious problem and will take more time. So you should check the services before.

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