CARSULE - A Pop-Up Cabin for your Car

"Your portable, quick set-up cozy cabin (WxDxH: 6'6" x 5'10" x 6'6")
To still satisfy the urge towards a nomadic lifestyle, I can often be found parking my family car recreationally at scenic sites. I am quite the happy camper when I go about my things around the backside of the vehicle such as brewing a cup of coffee. But, when the weather is throwing a spanner in the works, who wants to resort to seeking shelter inside the vehicle or worse, flee the scene? So I came up with the idea for the CARSULE, a Bring-Your-Own-Booth concept that latches onto the backside of a car. It offers ample sheltered space, it allows for panoramic views of the surroundings and conveniently connects to the car's interior. Yet, it can be packed and stowed into a portable package when not in use." - Travel & Design


Kevin Nelson said…
Thanks for the article. The Comanche looked more like a typical pickup than a Jeep, and it had a longer bed for carrying more cargo. Know more from

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