Comedic performer Robert Newman

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only just discovered Robert Newman. But am now an instant fan. Don’t bother to read this post, just watch his video. The most entertaining and illuminating 45 minutes you’ll spend since, well, since sex education class in high school. So what are you still reading for? Go download this Google video. The future of the world depends on it. Move over, you carbon-offsetting, multi-million dollar Syriana, The Day After Tomorrow, The Corporation, V For Vendetta, The Constant Gardener, and Michael Moore fests, etc. Here is the real deal. A comedic performer, who cycles to his local gigs, rides Amtrak for his US tour, runs his multi-media shows on pedal power, uses a solar powered ISP for his website. And he has something serious to say, in the most engaging, funny manner I’ve encountered. Are you doing still reading this? The video!


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