I'm back

1st day back from lovely Chitown did so much family stuff I hardly had time to see much of downtown Chicago. The weather was perfect a rarety for the midwest, lots of divided black and white folk no diversity, folks are on the larger side there. The diet is beserker, went to a drive through that had some sort of sandwich with shredded beef with melted cheese between the meat and the bun that wrapped it was deep fucking fried! I gained too much so now i'm on my Kate Moss diet. ok enough of the bs we jumped on one of those double decker buses and did a tour of Chicago that was pretty damn cool minus looking like a dork in a red double decker bus (again not a big deal when everyone looks like they do in that city). First place we went to was Mellinium Park you must see The Bean a giant metallic reflective bean shaped object about the size of a house. We then went to The Museum of Contemporary Art the collection was alright. Me tired more later.


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