Air Guitar

Air Guitar Nation, the documentary about pro air guitarists, has been bouncing around the festival circuit to wide acclaim for the last year or so. Opening this Friday, 23 March 2007 (in limited release in NYC and L.A.), its day has come.

In 2002 Krison Rucker happened to read in the Wall Street Journal that the International Air Guitar Championship was being held in Finland. He got his friend Cedric Devitt to join him and they went to Oulu, Finland to check it out. Cedric spontaneously entered the competition and came in fifth place. Upon returning to New York they decided that the U.S. had to compete the next year. They formed the U.S. Air Guitar Championships and teamed up with production company Magical Elves and director Alexandra Lipsitz to make a documentary about the whole process.

Air Guitar Nation follows the competitons in NYC and L.A. to find the US Air Guitar champion, who will then go to Finland to compete for the world title. The two major contenders and characters are Bjorn Toroque and C-Diddy. The film is filled with intense competiton, lots of mullets, rock music and wicked air guitar.

For a list of upcoming screenings, see the Air Guitar Nation myspace page.


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