- Nerd Stalker #18

I asked Anthony Eden (CTO of Hawaii based to help me with the dilemma so many of us had, that is, explaining just what is and why we should care. I originally thought it was nothing more that a life streaming web application but nothing could be further from the truth.

chi.mps current strengths lie in it's many features (they have many more on the way):
  • OpenID
  • Giving away it's top level .mp domain for FREE
  • Ability to stream any feed you want
  • Cool tagging system that allows you to display all your info in customized ways to different people's features traditionally have been seen as very different, awesome but typically very disparate things. So the challenge posed to them is to somehow articulate and educate this to existing and prospective users. If they get that right than the future for identity management and is very bright. See a live demo here.


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