MixMatchMusic - Nerd Stalker #22

(Duration 7 mins)
Nerd Stalker (in partnership with SF New Tech) sits down and speaks with CEO Charles Feinn and CFO/Director of A&R Alan Khalfin of MixMatchMusic.

MixMatchMusic is the new music community created by musicians, for and about musicians. They have created an environment where musicians easily collaborate online and profit from their art. They built tools musicians need to engage with and involve fans. And they put shape to a place where fans discover new music and new musicians.

Of particular interest to me is the web based GarageBand like application for creating/editing music, very slick. The music creators cut of sales was impressive, and the fact that you can both upload and download large very high quality audio files in various formats was key. I believe we will see musicians flocking to this service, if they can get the word out.


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