The Best Idea in your city ideakick

Interview with Trevor Goss, founder of ideakick.
From the ideakick site: So you want to know what happens at an ideakick? Well, here’s your answer…

The main point of coming to an ideakick is to pitch an idea that you have for something… anything. This might be something you’ve been thinking about for 6 months or it might be something you’ve been thinking about for 6 minutes. It’s all good.

Basically what happens is you get to stand up in front of the group and tell them what your idea is. You have a total of 10 minutes, and in that 10 minutes you can use as much time as you want to tell everyone about your idea. Once you’re done, everyone else in the room gets to use the rest of the time that’s left to “kick” the idea around.

Don’t stress about whether your pitch is refined or not. This isn’t like you’re testifying before Congress or anything like that. All you really need to do is say enough to get the conversation started. You might talk about a specific ideayou’ve been thinking about, a problem you’ve experienced that you think should be solved, or even just a trend you’ve read about. All you really need to do is get people talking and then see what happens from there.

We video each and every presentation and the idea behind that is 1) to give you something to take with you and show your family and friends “look, I’m bigtime now because I pitched at ideakick” 2) to give people an easier way to follow up after an ideakick. This latter point is an important one because we believe one of the hardest things to do is find the right cofounders that will allow you to get started in taking your idea and turning it into a reality.


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