Mind Bending #UX Lightning Series

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Speakers: Robby Ingebretsen, Rick Barraza, Arturo Toledo, Sean Gerety

Bend your mind and relax your senses in this "Mind Bending" UX lightning session, packed with four topics on how to think outside of the proverbial design box. UX Lightning sessions are a full hour session with 4 exceptional speakers each presenting 10 minute topics. Hear from Sean Gerety speaking on "What Software can Learn from the World of Magic", Arturo Toledo with "Extending the Human DNA with Design", Rick Barraza with "What Brains, Football and Hobbits teach us about Designer & Developer", and Robby Ingebretsen with "Farming for Ideas: How to Be The Most Creative You". Attendees will learn from these experts how to rethink design and UX.


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