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  1. Why Apple is in no hurry to settle its iPhone patent suits
  2. Apple asks Chinese Co. to cease production plans for Steve Jobs figurine, claim... via @9to5mac 
  3. Samsung vs. Google
  4. Fake Siri arrives on the Android Market via @ubergizmo
  5. Then disappears - Google Removes Siri for Android From the Market | @scoopit via @NxtMobilePhones
  6. Ubuntu TV & Opera making its debut at CES, gets short demo clip -- Engadget
  7. Rumored Apple iTV Could Be the Real Threat to Netflix | @scoopit via @MediaPost
  8. Apple may open stores inside 25 Target locations
  9. Tomorrow: 2-Day Coding Contest to Win Interviews at Facebook, Quora & More via @TechCocktail
  10. Critics rave for Windows Phone -- but who's buying?
  11. Social Greg’s tip: The Roku Streaming Stick Makes A Regular TV A Smart TV via @reelseo
  12. Adolfo’s tip Boycott SOPA: An Android app that terrifies publishers and politicians

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1/25 SF New Tech, Meet & See Tethras, IQ Engines, Capy, HeardAbout, RAVN, & more!


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