SeatMe Disrupts the Restaurant Business

SeatMe is a 13 person San Francisco startup that, "started as an idea jotted on a notes app in early February of 2011". They are another one of these startups i've seen who are taking on in house, software/hardware dependent, overpriced, entrenched systems and turn them on their heads. In this case its the restaurant business, when SeatMe was in recent stealth mode I had thought they were nothing more than another reservation system (and yes they do offer a reservation system which is quite nice and straightforward) but thankfully they are much more than that.

SeatMe seems to be initially targeting "Front of house Management", "Hospitality" and "Cost" issues of these old in house systems and offering a slick, lightweight, native iOS iPad app to do this all in. We have yet to confirm if the restaurant is responsible in some way for purchasing the ipad or not.
SeatMe has already partnered with three great San Francisco restaurants Txoko, Chef's Counter at Saison, and Nojo who are running SeatMe live, we suspect the rest of the North Beach eateries to be taken over soon. The SeatMe website says you can manage your reservations, guests, and floor straight from your iPad. If your not at the restaurant the online dashboard allows you to access your books with a web connection.
SeatMe’s guestbook tracks customers unique schedules, preferences and tastes. The app also has a search and export feature to better target customers.

At time of writing we are not sure of the business model but the SeatMe website states they will never charge, "a per-diner or per-reservation fee", this should obviously make it an attractive offering for restaurants and quick adoption. It seems OpenTable could have some potential competition coming very soon.

We will update this entry with details as they come in.


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