Nerd Stalker iPhone App Review: KAYAC's MusicParty

Japanese mobiles apps are interesting. We found this iPhone app to be a very fresh departure from the others. MusicParty is a unique iPhone app which allows a user to share their iTunes mobile music with up to four of their friends.

This iPhone app uses wireless or bluetooth to share music. To use this app, the user will create a “Party” and phones that have that app loaded and active can see the “Party” and request music to be played on the user’s iPhone. The user who created the “Party” can select which music will be played on their phone.

We tried this app with bluetooth sharing of five iPhones and it does work. Any local song on the users iPhone can be shared with the "Party" creator's iPhone as long as that app is active and the others join the "Party." Bluetooth is limited to around 15-20ft in our test. So, being in a car, small room, bluetooth will work. In our test of wireless, it can be much further. At a big event, this will be helpful. We also look forward for the english information site to be more localized as the some of the phone shots were in Japanese.

This app is available in the iTunes App Store.

For more information on KAYAC, visit there site here.


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