SF Javascript Meetup Review

From the JS Meetup site:
"GSN Games is the #7 game developer on Facebook with over 6 million monthly active users and the Games application is amongst the top 15 games on Facebook. With offices in San Francisco and Washington DC, GSN Games is a growing start-up team within GSN (Game Show Network), which is owned by DIRECTV and Sony Pictures Entertainment. GSN Games is hiring the best engineers and game producers in the industry. Think you've got what it takes to join the team? Check out the current list of jobs openings here: http://www.gsngames.com/jobs

Hosted by R/GA [jobs page]

Matt Harrington will present Developing Windows 8 Applications with JavaScript

Windows 8 applications can be built with JavaScript and HTML5. These applications can access a device’s sensors such as the GPS and accelerometer, as well as other devices such as a webcam and microphone. Client side libraries such as jQuery can be used without a problem. Applications can be bundled up and sold in the new Windows Store, or given away for free. In this talk, Matt will show how to use your existing JavaScript skills to build these apps.

Matt Harrington is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, and is based in San Francisco. He blogs and tweets at @mh415.

Philip Deschaine will give a lighting talk on The Challenges of Real-Time JS Apps

JavaScript and node.js can be a pain to debug, and some features of the syntax lead to mistakes. Choosing a single authoritative server means you have a single point of failure. And even if you architect everything correctly, if nobody else is using your real-time app, it's really boring! In this lightning talk we'll briefly hit on some solutions and then take questions from the audience.

Sid Maestre will present on jQuery Mobile: A View From The Trenches

"I've been talking and teaching about jQuery mobile for the past 6 months. Recently, I decided the best way to learn more was to build a 'real' app for the Apple AppStore. I took the app I used as a basis for my workshop and reworked it into a fully functional app. In this talk, I'll share the lessons learned during this process. I definitely don't have all the answers but you'll walk away better informed about the issues with jQuery mobile development in a real world situation."

Sidney Maestre has spent the last two years working with jQuery to build mobile apps and sharing his knowledge with other developers. With the release of jQuery Mobile, Sidney has spent much of 2011 focused on learning and speaking at HTML5 DevConf, Adobe MAX and Silicon Valley Code Camp. 2011 also saw the beta release of RaffleSwag, for conducting raffles through a mobile phone. He is currently a Developer Evangelist with X.commerce group at eBay with an emphasis on mobile.

He recently published an online course on jQuery Mobile. SFJS members can use the code MEETUPJQM for a 50% discount."

Sorry for mic popping.


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