Daron Ker's "Rice Field of Dreams"

We were pleased to interview, Daron Ker, film director and director of "Rice Field of Dreams" the story of the Cambodian National Baseball Team. Baseball in Cambodia? Daron discusses his trip back to his home country and what it felt to do a film about baseball in Cambodia. His film will have a showing at the inaugural Transbay Festival in San Francisco on Saturday, October 13 at 2pm.

"Story of my love of baseball and Cambodia"

In this segment, Daron talks about the journey within a journey.  Daron discusses his feelings going back to Cambodia and how it inspired him to shoot his film. He also reflects on his journey to make the film and how the support from the Doobie Brothers made it all possible. 

"It is just an amazing city(San Francisco) is full of vibrance, full of love but also full of support"

In this segment, Daron talks about film-making in the bay area. You can't just be a creative person. He talks about the business side of film-making and how he learned it. Daron discusses how he learned from Willie Nelson and Pat Simmons.

"Support is one thing but Deliver is another"

"It is not about you but about the audience"

Come check out Daron Ker's "Rice Field of Dreams" at the Transbay Festival on Saturday. Check the Transbay website for the latest information on the venue and time.


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