Going Digital Has Just Become Easier: Note Anytime for iPad

Don't we all struggle going full digital? Sometimes a pen/pencil in hand and jotting down a note on a piece of paper just feels better, more convenient and seems faster. An Japanese App company, called Metamoji,  reached out to the Nerd Stalker gang and gave us a spin with their app for the iPad called Note Anytime. This App allows note taking on the iPad. Note Anytime is an app that gives the user a feel of writing on paper.

Taking It For a Test Drive

When you first run the app, the user interface looks sparse-almost unreal. But that is the beauty of it - UI Simplicity. The circle of power (SocialGreg term) in the upper left is where all the heavy writing lifting happens. You have 5 pens plus text edit, lasso for grouping and the eraser for quick erasing. 

If you hold down the one of the items in the power circle it will take you to a secondary page with additional settings - pen width, color and opacity. 


So, let's talk about the features that a pen/pencil and paper don't have. A user can add screenshots of weblinks, take a pic and insert into the note, or upload a picture from your iPad library. This app features a lot of connectivity - social(Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), e-mail or pdf.

SocialGreg's Uptake

This app from Metamoji is worth a try. And did I mention it is free. If you are really artistic, you can purchase add-ons in their Add-on store. This can be a bloggers dream App with the ability create quick blog sketches or infographics on the fly. The company gave me a pen in the demo pack called the Su-pen. It gives the user a feel of brush. The Su-pen has a nylon mesh tip that makes it feel like a Calligraphy brush. I think I have my app that I can cross the digital note-taking divide.

DOWNLOAD Note Anytime for free from the iTunes App Store now.

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