3D Printer World Expo Highlights the New Age of 3D Printing

Hey makers, there's another event to satisfy your palettes. The innaugural 3D Printer World Expo is coming January 31 through February 1 in Burbank, California. So much happening in the 3D printing world - with cells, houses, and even Jello. We interview Joe Micallef, Education Director for the 3D Printer World Expo, on what to expect at the 3D Printer World Expo.

3D Printers Opens Up New Worlds

"What is so exciting now is the range of materials and methods have developed in such a way it can be used to manufacture"

"what we are seeing really is the democratization of manufacture through 3D printing"

"all types of materials being used now, there are resins, printing with metal, on the culinary side they're are printing with food"

"Another thing that will probably happen here there will be a lot more 3D printers on the market because many patents will expire this year"


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