Stay-At-Home DaddyPreneur Develops the Third Hand

Doing a start-up - tough. Being an entrepreneur - tough. Being a stay-at-home parent - tough. Handling all three - insane. But this is what Martin Hill has accomplished. Oh, by the way, he also solved the third hand while feeding your child called Beebo. When I did a pre-interview with Martin Hill and saw how harried he looked, I knew this was going to be a great interview. Martin talks not only about Beebo but his journey with Beebo and taking care of two kids at the same time. Give it a view!

When You Need a Third Hand...You Develop a Product

"When we moved to Florida (from Missouri) that's when I became that 'Stay-At-Home Dad...I was getting us settled into our new life down here(Florida), my wife got straight back into her job and I was moving two houses, taking care of a three year old , a two year old and that's where this product I created was birthed from"

"I came up with the idea when my boy was seven months, he was having issues feeding and I found that one of his most relaxed moments in life is when I was reading him a if I had a free hand and read to him while feeding that may work"

"For business decisions I do a lot of is a wonderful thing"


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