The Future of Presentations

Two Startups Share Their Vision for the Future of Presentations

We explore presentations for the future
Tech Presentation in SF (courtesy of 360 Fashion Network)

Digital presentations seemed to have stayed the same over the years. Only the hardware (projector and computer) has ever changed - smaller, faster, cheaper. Why? A few reasons. The digital version copied the previous way that presentations were delivered - slide projector(now digital) and transparent slides(now our computer). Secondly, we see the presentation as a conversation starter. So as long as the conversation was started, a subsequent conversation about the sale could continue. We saw a modest bump on the presentation side with cloud-based Prezi in 2009 where creative and audience captivating displays were created. But the assembly of presentations (back-end) and the delivery of presentations (front-end) has remained virtually stagnant since the launch of PowerPoint in 1990. 

Enter two startups who are looking at presentations from 21st Century eyes - Shufflrr and Ampslide. The founders of these two startups come from a varied background. One, James Ontra, a veteran of presentation software for over 20 years and the another, Shing Wong, who comes from more of the front end in business development from years at Yahoo!. James Ontra runs Shufflr - a presentation management tool which treats slides like individual elements similar to that of Final Cut Pro. Shing Wong runs Ampslide which focuses on sharing, engagement and feedback of the presentation. See how each sees a vision of presentations in the future from the back-end to the front-end. We post excerpts from their interview with us. Check it out!

The Back-end of Presentations

"Let slides be created as we are speaking to re-inforce the conversation not force the conversation" - James Ontra

The Front-End of Presentations

"Live-sharing is definitely what came out of the understanding of what the audience needs and fits very well in engagement" - Shing Wong

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