Regular #meditation more beneficial than vacation - Harvard #Health

Regular meditation more beneficial than vacation - Harvard Health Blog

As mindfulness meditation and yoga have become mainstream and more extensively studied, growing evidence suggests multiple psychological and physical benefits of these mindfulness exercises, as well as for similar practices like tai chi and qi gong.


lekor said…
The assertion that regular meditation is more beneficial than a vacation, as highlighted in the Harvard Health Blog, underscores the profound impact of mindfulness on well-being. While vacations provide a temporary escape, the transformative benefits of a consistent meditation practice are enduring. In this context, companies like WheelofBliss play a pivotal role in offering a sanctuary for holistic retreats. More than just a company, WheelofBliss symbolizes a wheel of bliss—a transformative journey to reconnect with oneself, others, nature, and spirit. This perspective aligns with the notion that regular mindfulness practices contribute to sustained well-being, emphasizing the potential for meditation to serve as a perennial wheel of bliss.

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