Indiegogo Unboxed: End Frustration by Alkaline Only Devices

Batteroo claims to have solved the "Alkaline Only" issue with rechargeables 

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Ever wonder why some devices require "Alkaline Only". Some of the reasons are protection as rechargeables have been known to leak and other is voltage. Alkalines are at rated at 1.5V versus rechargeables at 1.2V. Enter Batteroo, a "smart" battery sleeve that goes over your rechargeable to boost its voltage from 1.2 to 1.5V, provide auto-shutoff circuitry to protect your device from battery leakage and claims to extend rechargeable battery usefullness. This Silicon Valley startup have an Indiegogo campaign right now and almost reaching their goal. If you want to find out more, check out Batteroo's website and current . Check out their video below!

Two Options to Consider


Batteroo offers something called the ReBoost SmartSleeve which is a microthin sleeve that easily fits over rechargeable batteries to bring together the reusability and sustainability benefits of rechargeables with the peak performance capability of alkaline batteries.  The ReBoost SmartSleeve boosts voltage to 1.5 volts so rechargeable batteries can now operate in all alkaline-only applications.


Another option Batteroo offers is called the ReBoost SmartShell which allows consumers to use AA/AAA rechargeable batteries in C/D alkaline-only devices. We thought this was very unique. This eliminates the need to buy expensive single-use batteries again by using rechargeables to be used on bigger C & D batteries.  Four AAA rechargeable batteries can be used in place of C batteries while D batteries can be replaced by three AA rechargeables.

If you want to gain further education on Alkalines vs. Rechargeables, check out Lifehacker's story on alkaline and rechargeable use and Len Penzo's story on the lack of cost-effectiveness of rechargeables for certain applications.

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