Inko collaborative whiteboard app draw using multi devices, interact on Apple TV.

Inko - Collaborative Whiteboard (Video Trailer) from Creaceed on Vimeo.

Inko is a collaborative whiteboard that lets you draw using multiple devices, and even interact on Apple TV. Ideal for schools and enterprises.

Creaceed unveils Inko, their new peer-to-peer collaborative whiteboard app for iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Inko lets users draw collaboratively in real time on the same canvas from multiple devices, offering network-less connectivity, a remarkable drawing experience, as well as live TV mirroring and interaction. Following Apple’s Tuesday announcements at their education event in Chicago, Inko offers full compatibility with the new 6th-gen iPad & pencils geared to classrooms.

Inko’s peer-to-peer connectivity makes infrastructure network or internet access superfluous, offering a one-tap setup process that permits easy deployment in most situations. Inko also offers a remarkable drawing experience through its extensive support for Apple Pencil, as well as a beautiful pixel-free visualization with vibrant colors on wide color displays (P3). Moreover, the free Apple TV companion app enables live mirroring of contents on large screens, up to 4K, and also offers innovative interaction with the remote as a laser pointer.

Ideal for Enterprise and Education

Thanks to its nomadic connectivity capability and its other productivity features, Inko is particularly suited to education and enterprise environments. Moreover, the support for standard TV sets makes it an affordable alternative to expensive and less flexible interactive whiteboards. Standard equipment enables rich usage scenarios.

“We made Inko to enable creative drawing-based interactions in most situations, scaling from drawing game at home to digital classes at school and the enterprise. We believe Inko can be an advantageous alternative to dedicated interactive whiteboard screens, being a lot more affordable, more easily deployed, and running on off-the-shelf equipment (iPad, TV sets) that can serve numerous other purposes,” says Raphael Sebbe, Creaceed’s Founder.

Feature Highlights

- Real-time drawing: highly responsive, "appears-as-it-happens" multi-user drawing with no lag
- Dynamic trails: participants’ labels on drawing trails that show who is currently drawing
- Seamless connectivity with up to 12 devices when using a Wi-Fi access point, or 8 devices without Wi-Fi access point
- Extensive Apple Pencil support with angle, pressure, high-speed & predictive sampling
- Reliable syncing and multi-user undo/redo
- Pen tool with two sizes & one calligraphic variant. Eraser tool with two sizes
- Ephemeral highlighter tool. On Apple TV, motion-driven, laser pointer-like control with the remote.
- Optimized for latest iOS: file sharing, Split View Multitasking on iPad, Drag & Drop, Today Widget, Quick Actions…
- Hi-res PDF export for a productive workflow
- iCloud sync for personal drawings
- Free Apple TV companion app

Pricing & Availability

Inko is available immediately as a free download on the App Store, and is localized in 12 languages.

The free version provides an unlimited number of canvases for personal use without limitation, and lets two or more users try the collaboration feature for a 60-second time-limited session. To remove this limitation, two purchase options are provided:
• Collaboration Pack: a one-time purchase ($19.99) that unlocks collaboration. In this configuration, each user must unlock the pack for time-unlimited sessions.
• Hero Plan: a subscription ($11.99 monthly, $99.99 yearly) that grants one user the ability of initiating sessions that others can join using just the free app, with no purchase required for the other users. Ideal for schools and enterprises.

Apple TV companion app is a free download on the App Store and has no limitation.


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