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Smithsonian ChannelTM Takes Viewers Out of This World with Back-to-Back Double Sunday Space Premieres

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Wanna see what Sir Richard Branson is up to? Smithsonian Channel premieres two back-to-back specials centered around space exploration and humans‘ impact on the solar system.  Tonight at 8PM ET/PT, BILLIONAIRE SPACE CLUB highlights the efforts of billionaire Sir Richard Branson and others to make space travel more accessible to the average person. The 2nd special airing at 9PM ET/PT, EARTH FROM OUTER SPACE, takes viewers on a journey revealing how humans have changed the planet Earth and how they will continue to shape its future. These one hour-long premieres highlight innovators and pioneers who are forging ahead with space exploration to plan for an unknown future. Read more about the special episodes below.


BILLIONAIRE SPACE CLUB – Premieres Sunday, April 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

For years, the world has experienced a golden age of space exploration, with more space agencies and governments involved than ever before. However, recently, some of the boldest efforts to put everyday people into space are those of private companies started by a handful of maverick billionaires including Sir Richard Branson. British physicist and broadcaster Brian Cox explores how these entrepreneurs and engineers plan to overcome the challenges of human space travel. Featuring interviews, exclusive access and behind-the-scenes footage at Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Blue Origin and Spaceport USA, BILLIONAIRE SPACE CLUB takes viewers on a journey of what’s really happening in the world of privately financed space flight. 

EARTH FROM OUTER SPACE – Premieres Sunday, April 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT 
Photo Courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit - NASA Johnson Space Center

One of the most iconic images – the Blue Marble photograph of Earth – was taken 45 years ago by astronauts on board Apollo 17. In EARTH FROM OUTER SPACE, current astronauts use their unique perspective from space to reveal the astonishing changes on Earth since then – some so epic that they are visible from orbit. The film reveals how humans have etched their presence on Earth and takes viewers on a journey to meet some of the people affected by the changes made. From the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the casino city of Las Vegas to the deserts of Jordan and the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen, the spectacles from space are awe-inspiring and reflect how important it is to explore space, but always look back to Earth for ways to move toward the future. 

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