Forum - Share Presentations Directly on Any Device Without the Internet

Forum from Fasetto on Vimeo.

With innovative features in its hardware and software, Forum provides convenience and ease-of-use across many functions of presenting, making it an optimal business tool for the sales executive, road-warrior, or anyone giving an in-person presentation.

Forum features a dual-band, Wi-Fi capability.  It creates its own local, private Wi-Fi signal—eliminating the need for wires or dongles—while simultaneously connecting to the internet, when available.

The Forum hub easily travels.  The device is ultra-compact and fits into your jeans 5th pocket. Setup is also effortless—all the presenter has to do is turn Forum on and participants connect to the self-generated Wi-Fi signal and then enter a unique URL (meeting.Forum).  That’s it.  No extra steps. Nothing to download.


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