Embr Wave - A Thermostat Wristband For Your Body

Embr Labs, the first company to make temperature personal, is helping people find warmth and relief during the holidays with an extraordinary stocking stuffer: the Embr Wave bracelet. The company’s flagship product, Embr Wave is a revolutionary new wearable device that precisely cools or heats the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, helping you feel cooler or warmer in minutes. 

Stocking stuffers tend to be throw-away gifts, little knick-knacks that are more about novelty than meaning. That changes with Embr Wave. Embr Wave is a revolutionary new smart bracelet that lets you cool down when you’re hot or warm up when you’re cold. It uses waveforms, Embr Labs’ patented thermal technology, to precisely stimulate the thermoreceptors on your skin, triggering your body to feel more comfortable. Embr Wave’s thermal sensations provide a similar feeling to holding an ice cube or warm mug against your wrist. 

“Embr Wave is a holiday gift that people will never forget,” says Sam Shames, co-founder of Embr Labs. Instead of tracking your steps, it’s a piece of technology that actually helps you feel better each day – it’s the gift that never stops giving!”

The hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for Embr Wave raised over $600,000, more than 6x the campaign’s goal of $100,000. Bose Ventures and Intel Capital have invested in the company as well. Embr Wave costs $299, is available in metallic gray, and ships with a charging cable, microfiber pouch, and adjustable bracelet. For more information, please contact Jeannine Jacobi of Fresh PR at (323) 903-7063 or jeannine@freshpr.net, or visit embrlabs.com   

About Embr Labs
Embr Labs is a “feelable” technology company focused on wellness that harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to improve thermal comfort. The company’s flagship product, the Embr Wave, is an interactive bracelet that allows people to control how cold or hot they feel. It leverages precisely engineered algorithms to deliver temperature sensations in waves, triggering the human body’s natural response to temperature change to help people feel more comfortable. Embr Labs was founded by four MIT scientists and is backed by investors including Bose Ventures and Intel Capital. For more information, please visit embrlabs.com.   


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