Digital Divide hits Workers and Students

WhistleOut survey shows weak Internet ails 35% of employees and students 

When you think of the digital divide you think more about the underserved communities and usually in places where resources are slim. The most popular and real being the income earner disparity in connectivity. Lower income earners usually are most hard hit when it comes to access especially in these unique times. The digital divide has many facets it turns out.

In a recent survey from WhistleOut, a search engine designed to find services, it affects the "haves" as well in different ways. They asked 386 adults who recently transitioned to working and learning from home all about their Internet situation.

Key findings include:
  • More than ⅓ (35%) of people working or schooling from home say that weak Internet has prevented them from doing their work at some point during the Coronavirus crisis
  • 83% say they need the Internet to be productive, indicating they couldn’t work offline for more than half a day
  • 65% say they’ve had video calls cut out, freeze, or drop because of a weak internet connection
  • 43% say they have had to use their phone as a hotspot during the crisis


Katleen Garcia said…
You can take the opportunity to remind them that they are not alone, and encourage them to participate in these online employee activities to surround themselves with positive energy. Read more here:

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