To Live and Die in LA

Looking forward to flying back to SF tonight, LA is just such a hollow place, nice to visit, yeah visit. Burbank was a smog pit and not a Prius in site, what is the matter with these people, i'm sure the kids outside are developing asthma it's just gnarly. Drove to Santa Monica in our rental Saturn, note to self I hate Saturns, you give it gas and it jumps hard, you give it brake and nothing much happens recipe for disaster if you ask me. Hotwire doesn't rent hybrids yet now that is just lame, anyhow been staying in Santa Monica visiting family and I must admit it's kinda nice. There is a chill kind of vibe here minus the freak rich people who are always in a hurry to run pedestrians over or cheaper cars off the road. I had a 20 something blonde in a new black BMW trying to get a piggy back ride on the Saturn, she was freakin insane. Then I saw some SUV tard (alone of course) run a stop sign and cause a bicycle rider to hit her brakes so hard that she fell in the intersection, it was nuts. Saw Donald Sutherlands house next to the beach, it's not all that guess Keifer isn't kicking much of that 24 money down. Whens the last good movie Donald did anyhow? yeah I can't think of one either. The Promenade here is kinda cool kinda like a mid level outdoor mall with street entertainers and giant chia pet like dinosaur fountains for several blocks. Melrose lame, Robertson blvd. lame, La Luz De Jesus was awesome even if Hollywood Blvd. is an armpit. Was hoping to get some casino time in at the Bicycle or Commerce but alas I got trumped by the family, sigh.. Sitting in our old classic hotel, kinda goth meets grandmas house, it's got lots of character I give it a 6.5. I'm ready for home and fearing wifes first day back to work tomorrow since baby should be interesting.


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