Mix07 Day 3 Morning

Woke bright and early at the Venetian just to find that the hot water was off in the entire hotel. When I talked to the front desk they said the water was getting warmer and that it should be good in a few mins. 15mins later it's still arctic cold, come on were in a freakin desert and I cant get hot water? You should see all the half awake unshowered people here this morning, halrious.

Breakfast was good, runny eggs and bomb cheese blintzes. I sat with a couple different developers both were very nice one from boston and the other never mentioned where he was from but rather that he was a php/linux developer. I asked him what the hell he was doing here, he said that microsoft gave his work a free ticket.

Of course the first track i wanted to go to was overflowing so I sat through a different AJAX one on optimization that was very interesting. It ended early so I jumped into a real gem, electricrain has a powerpoint killer app that produces some amazing presentations. more to come...


Anonymous said…
I was looking for cool things to do and I found your blog... what in the world are Bomb Cheese Blitzes? lol
Just Josh said…
Did you really enjoy the StandOut presentation? I found it ironic and sad that during a presentation about giving better presentations, they screwed up and had so much technical difficulty!

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