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You won't believe my f'ing morning, so i was washing my hands this morning and pop goes my back! i begin wheezing and loudly grunting, room starts to spin, thought i was gonna pass out and wife yells at me to stop grunting i say, "MY BACK JUST WENT OUT"! she says to lay on the floor pulls baby from feeding, baby starts screaming. I'm laying on the cement halfway in the bathroom and out the door cant move, totally stupid. I had to lay there for an hour and a half till the motrin kicked in. mom finally gets here, wife puts baby down in bouncy chair next to me, baby proceeds to loudly poo, wife goes to work, i've now got pillows under my knees and head finally i've got to go to the bathroom again so after another hour i find a way to roll to my side then on my knees, then begin to crawl back into the bathroom, find a way to pull myself up on my knees, find a way to pull myself up to my feet, then i drag my slippers across the floor like some grandpa to the couch where i'm now typing with an ice pack on my back, ugh I love you motrin 600mg.


Emily said…
ROFL - that is funny. Not that you were hurt, but I can TOTALLY relate. My husband has a bad back and we have 3 kids, one is four months old.

His back goes out at the worst times.

I just stumbled across your blog and loved it. Here is mine if you are interested...

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