chore boy

Was the sloth yesterday so I decided to go full throttle today with an 8am mega walk with the fam this morn. Then jammed to costco, to pick up some pictures I got developed. I'm also in the market for a new digital camera as my Supacam Digicam 6 just froze.

Then spent the rest of the day getting rid of my non genuine xp pro os and going back to xp home. Yeah so I tried to install vista ultimate and there was this error that a ton of other folks are getting when trying to install vista something about a file not being able to copy. You should know i'm installing this from official microsoft dvd's so this is just beyond lame. I also made the uber rookie mistake for formatting my hard drive not realizing it would also format my other partions namely my godhead solid ubuntu partition. I was more than bummed, but hey I've got most of that data backed up and I guess this gives me the chance to run a more stable windows os now that I've finally got sp2 on it and i'll upgrade my ubuntu os to feisty.

I've given up on my new silicon keyboard as it's absolute crap, you'll see it soon on craigslist to buy it fast and impress your friends.

Watched some of American Hardcore on the mac mini htpc and it was rock solid. In fact i'm typing this from my couch to it right now! Shwermas for dinner so onion breath is in full effect.


phranklee said…
do your chores, bee-otch! the day ends, but the chores never do.

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