Def Leppard, Facebook vs. LinkedIn and Technology

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A: Bribery, Porn, and Spam Are the Path to Riches in the App World (:11)
G:Thousands could lose internet access July 9 due to virus (3:59)
A: That was Quick. Facebook Shuts Down APIs (6:21)
G: Facebook e-mail mess: Address books altered; e-mail lost  (9:08)
A: Facebook to Launch Job Postings Board--Sources (13:44)
G: Apple pays $60-million to settle China iPad trademark dispute (16:17)

Speed Round: What the Twitterverse is Talking About and What Our Community Wants to Hear 
A: Def Leppard re-record own songs to win back digital download revenue (21:03)
G: Facebook Testing “Want” Button? (22:22)
A: Chris Rieger's Levitating, Wirelessly-Powered LED Light - Core77 (23:22)
G: LinkedIn Says Twitter Posts No Longer Displayed on Site (24:28)
A: Louis CK's direct-sales concert: $6MM+ and running, and scalping all but extinguished (25:43)

Tip Time!
Social Greg’s Drippler Tip of the Week: DA-E750 Samsung audio dock for Galaxy S smartphones and iPhones unveiled (27:08)
Adolfo’s Tip of the Week: Power searching with Google (28:23)

7/10 SF New Tech 
7/20-22 Transmedia Jam:


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