Startups Need Benefits Too

When you work for startups, sometimes the compensation package is just salary and lacks the needed health benefits that is well afforded by larger companies. Enter BayPoint Benefits. We sat down with Brian Hassan who is the co-founder of BayPoint Benefits. BayPoint Benefits helps startups provide health care benefit packages for employees but also the much needed HR support that is often only affordable by companies 50 people and above. We discuss his company's approach towards valuable benefits distribution and Brian's take on how "Obama-care" will not make a difference to startups.

"A Met-Life Study says, that employees view benefits offered by companies as job security - the company has enough revenue to support benefits"

"How challenging how has it been for startups to create a benefit is like herding cats to get employees to fill out forms"

"Obama-care will not help startups...most people(in startups) are not at that income level"

"By providing exceptionally great service, (startups) feel their too small, they don't deserve it and they don't expect it...the small companies appreciate it when they get it"

Brian discusses how his company focuses on and provides benefits to  2-50 person companies and here in SF Tech / Silicon Valley there is no shortage. He discusses how "Obama-care" will not have a major impact on startups except for higher premiums because of the elimination of age-based rates. His company provides a niche of quality service to small companies that is usually provided by bigger companies by creating a web portal customized to each company with things like online forms, personal advisor and an employee handbook. Basics for any company trying to attract the right talent.

You can reach Brian at or you can visit their website at

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