The One-Page Job Proposal Changes the Job Recruiting Game

This week we focus on a popular topic-Job recruitment. We were fortunate to sit down and interview Joanna Riley Weidenmiller of The One-Page Proposal Company. The One-Page Proposal Company changes the landscape for both job-seekers and job recruiters. Their enterprise tool is based on Patrick G. Riley's popular and best selling book in US, Japan, Korea and China called the "One Page Proposal." Joanna explains the motivation behind the One-Page Proposal Tool and how they help both companies and job seekers alike.

"We look at ways of how do you bring innovation into your company by looking at your people"

"There are 3.6 billion resumes being sent to 5 million companies...and the internet has worked against job seekers...and companies had to build systems to filter this out"

"On our original product, we had a 60% success rate of getting our candidates jobs within two weeks...and companies wanted to have more of these"

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These days, a lot of companies ask their potential candidates "What can you do for us?" The type of  candidate responses can range in forms of presentations, verbal ideas or formal proposals. The issue is that most candidates don't know the challenges faced by companies so their responses are just guesses. On the other hand, companies may not articulate their issues especially from hiring managers to HR professionals. One-Page Job Proposals help match real company needs and get them the candidates that can help that.

This is a disruptive product when it comes to candidate selection and on-boarding. Forget about resume screening and trying to read between the lines of numerous resumes and cover letters. The One-Page Company has a product that focuses the job-hunt / job-recruitment process into something productive and efficient. What company would not want to have this?


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